The WordPress Proving Grounds… Welcome!

Here at Butler Consulting, we’ve learned to work and play at the same time.

Click around. Explore. You’ll find that we’re not shy about our work. We love to show off what we do. Some companies think of their work as entirely proprietary and won’t expose the “man behind the curtain” to customers. Not us! We’re proud of what we create and think that both patrons and onlookers alike should be able to learn as much as they can by watching us tinker.

The world is changing… fast. Technology is evolving too quickly for most companies to keep up. One of the biggest reasons is the “Open Source mentality” taking over the Internet. In our opinion, it is changing the way we work and ultimately the way we live.

We make money through developing solutions and finding new ways to innovate with code. We are truly ardent supporters of capitalism. That doesn’t mean we can’t share our methods and our code. We’re aware enough to understand that the global economy is evolving. The development process must adapt or it will die.

Feel free to browse around and check out our latest projects. Leave some comments, we’d love to hear what you think!

WordPress Proving Grounds